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 Tang Soo Do   Korean Familiar Tang Soo Do Karate

“Martial Arts begins and ends with respect.”

Tang Soo Do can be translated as: "The way of the empty hand"

What is Tang Soo Do?

      Tang Soo Do, being a Korean style, is especially renowned for high, jumping and spinning kicks. Since Tang Soo Do is an art based on classical form rather than on competition or sports form, the repertoire of techniques is far greater than many other arts.

      Although it is widely acknowledged that Korean styles have lifted high kicking to an art form, many styles in which kicking is favored have lost a significant part of their hand attack syllabus. This is not the case with Tang Soo Do - the complete syllabus of hand strikes and blocks is retained.

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Korean Familiar Tang Soo Do Karate.
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History of Korean Familiar Tang Soo Do

        Since 1998, we have established our academy to be one of the finest schools teaching quality Korean Martial Arts and linking tradition with our modern way of life. This unique approach develops a quality of life few people get to experience. Our friendly atmosphere creates a healthy environment for people looking for fitness training whilst achieving their personal goals. Each student is a valued member of our family.


  • May
    Grading Event H1 2021

    Venue is yet to be decided.

  • FEB
    Black belt Dan Training

    Training will be for 8 days from Feb 14 - Apr 4.

  • FEB

    New Head Office opening (Kasturi Complex), discussion about upcoming events and Tournament photo collection.

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Kasturi Complex 3rd floor, Chrompet.